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Eurex Clearing is one of the world's leading Clearing Houses. We offer fully automated and straight-through post trade services for derivatives, equities, repo, energy and fixed income transactions. As a central counterparty, our focus is to increase market integrity.

Eurex Clearing acts as a buyer to all sellers and as a seller to all buyers thereby minimizing counterparty risk and maximizing operational efficiency. Our offering comprises flexible trade management functions, advanced risk management services, efficient collateral and delivery management tools. With our high-quality, cost-efficient and comprehensive value chain of clearing services delivered via a state-of-the-art clearing system, our customers are clear to trade. Eurex Clearing is a wholly owned subsidiary of Eurex Frankfurt AG.

Eurex Clearing serves more than 150 clearing members located in 16 European countries and manages a collateral pool of approximately EUR 48 billion. In 2012, Eurex Clearing processed more than 1.7 billion transactions, ranking it the largest CCP in Europe.

Eurex Clearing acts as the central counterparty for ...



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