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Equity Index Derivatives

Equity index derivatives

Hedge your equity exposure by country, region or sector with our equity index derivatives and gain exposure to price movements of entire indexes by trading on single futures or option contract in line with your investment needs.

Eurex's equity index portfolio covers futures and options on the most liquid European indexes:

  • The EURO STOXX 50® Index, the European benchmark index which is composed of large cap companies of twelve Eurozone countries. The index is calculated by STOXX Limited, Deutsche Börse's global index provider.
  • The DAX® Index is the German blue chip index comprising the 30 largest and most actively traded German companies.

Furthermore, in cooperation with the Korea Exchange Inc. (KRX), Eurex has listed daily futures on the KOSPI 200 Options (Eurex KOSPI Product) to provide market participants trading and hedging opportunities for KOSPI 200 positions during core European and North American trading hours. The extension of trading hours and access to the KOSPI 200 Options through the Eurex platform aims at further increasing the liquidity of this contract.

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